Friday, July 15, 2005

The last post

I am signing off today having learnt a lot about blogging. My friend Babs has never heard of 'blogs' and thinks that they should be renamed 'blags', 'blurs' or 'blobs'. She is a poet and ripe for entry into the digital age because she needs somewhere to publish her fabulous words. Here are some of hers, penned on demand at a residential poetry course as a means of introducing herself to the group:


Christened Barbara
Am I the Barbarian,
the stranger?
Uncivilised, uncouth,
ready to conquer new lands,
without so much
as an invitation.

Or am I the Barbie
we know and love?
With her tidy limbs
and preset smile,
Vision of persistent charm,
to entice men (called Ken)
to a life of plasticized ecstasy.

Yet some prefer Babs –
(as in Windsor not in Castle)
with it’s images of
bubbliness and blonde.
Or worse still Babes
when misspelt on my e mail,
heralding the arrival
of a torrent
of pornographic penpals.

It will be my mission to make Babes as famous as her brother You have to guess which one of the lovely pair that she shares her genes with! Now to end, I have tried to create a link to a young man who has been presenting at the TED Global conference: ZeFrank. I recommend his 'communication #' advice highly.

Ta-ra for now


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