Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend news

Here's my weekend news. I woke early on Saturday and decided to go to the supermarket. While there something most unpleasant happened. I noticed an unusual sensation in my gum - which developed into tingling and then numbness. I began to panic because I thought that that I might be having an anaphylactic reaction to something. My mum gets this and has to carry a stabby pen for emergencies. Anyway, I did what anyone would do... I phoned Martin while paying - and guess what. My battery gave out halfway through the message. Now this is not remarkable - my phone has needed charging more and more frequently recently - but, I have not bothered to do anything about it. SO I raced home in the car, watching my face swell up in the rear view mirror, feeling more and more numb, imagining my death - or at least a future with Bell's Palsy (which my Mum has also had) and was so shaken that I couldn't unload the shopping.

Now, in the meantime, Martin had checked out BP and anaphylaxis in his book (yes he really has a book about these things), and decided that I had neither. So he suggested that it was a reaction to having gone to the supermarket in the first place.

ANYWAY, the outcome was that my face eventually resensitized and deswelled (my terms), and I decided that the time had come to buy a new mobile phone, which of course would be as useful as a stabby pen if the unpleasant sensation was ever to recur.

BUT, instead of going to the Orange Shop I went to St Bridgets Garden Centre and bought this instead:

Here's another shot:

A great bargain, reduced in the sale, and very handy for reclining with a sudoku puzzle and a cup of tea. As you can see, Sylvester cannot be bothered with either, but has exceptionally clean paws.


Hasn't it been hot! So hot that my other cat, Minnie (our other cat - Sorry Martin), just keeps falling asleep anywhere. Here she is on the stairs:

Can you see her bald tummy?

That's all my simple thoughts for this weekend.


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