Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Message for i-anya

I composed a very thoughtful response and it hasn't posted! Anyway, in brief (in case it doesn't post again) - thank you, you have helped my thinking. I am so conscious of how my IMing preteen friend's behaviour is different when she IMs with me (alongside her). She kind of comes even more alive. In particular I have noticed how she tells her story while IMing alongside me (filling in the necessary detail/ leaving out bits too I am sure!). My role positions me as naive - even if I am not. A methodology that embraces this complexity is what I am searching for!

This is a message for Anya in response to her comment to me regarding the paper that Guy alerted me to on her blog. Anya, I have tried to leave two comments - but they won't publish. Apologies if they suddenly all appear in multiple forms.

Now i-anya may not read this post - so if you bump into her somewhere, or are able to comment on her blog, please can you let her know for me?


Anonymous Anya said...

Hello and thank you Clare!! I just composed a response to your comments on my blog (they eventually showed up there, sorry about the delay but for some reason my blog was acting quirky). Now for the first time today I had a chance to do some blog reading (life is very hectic here!) and came across your message again here - v. kind of you to re-post it here! Anyway here are my in-progress thoughts! (Nothing is ever final and everything is in-progress only on my blog!)

3:18 AM  
Blogger Mary Plain said...

Hi, just to say I am back blogging and thanks for asking!

10:04 PM  

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