Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Getting ready for the festivities

First this evening, Nintendogs: the game sensation set to hit the streets in time for the festive season. Apparently it is about keeping a virtual cat or dog. Nothing new there then. But perhaps you can pierce them? Anyway, I am hoping that the USP of the Nintendo DS with Nintendogs is that it doubles as a Rolf Harris stylophone - the pencil thing looks familiar to me.
The Stylophone or as it was more commonly known "The Electronic Organ in
your Pocket !". Surely this must have been Rolf Harris’ finest moment, well,
apart from his "Swim with Rolf " television series and Public Information Films
and of course his monster No1 hit "Two Little Boys" and not forgetting "Animal
Hospital", but apart from those the association of the Stylophone and the world
famous Antipidean Balladeer and Painter could only ensure both a place in the
‘70’s Hall of Fame.

Did you have a stylophone? My sister and I got one for Christmas and I could play poor Lena Zavaroni's "Ma he's making eyes at me". As this is the only musical instrument I have ever mastered I wanted to SHARE this achievement.

Secondly - here's a nice red coat Dr Joolz. Big sleeves could be handy for concealing digi camera - or stylophones. And just think, you could be the new face of Christian Dior with your magic neck and facial line elimination techniques!
So... a few ideas for your Christmas list. I am sure there will be more to follow.


Blogger Paul said...

I've never heard of nor seen a stylophone, but after reading your blog entry I want to see one!! The web pictures don't do it justice (and quite frankly the guy with glasses and curly hair scares me!) so I need to see a live demo.

I'll start checking the concert listings to see when the next live performer is playing around here. :-)

6:11 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

Paul, I will do my best to bring you more information in my next post. Thanks for the comment.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Dr. Rob said...

If you still have your stylophone you are in the money, they go for a fortune on ebay....well about 30 quid, more than enough for that trip to Matelan!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Joolz said...

I love my new coat Simply Clare. Where can I buy it?
I also want long blond hair.
I wanted a stylophone but my Mum would not get me one. Am deprived.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Dr. Rob said...


6:08 AM  
Blogger Victoria Carrington said...

Look, I'm sorry to have to interrupt this love-fest, is clear to anyone who knows anything about Rolf Harris and his contribution to culture and modern life, that his finest moment (culturally and musically if there's a difference) was the WOBBLE BOARD!!! For instructions on how to make one (from the man himself) go to:

2:33 PM  

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