Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Read any good blooks recently?

Blooks. The new thing apparently. So new in fact, that if you google search for blooks, you are asked "Did you mean: books?". Here is a definition of a blook:
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A blook is a
book serialized on a blog site. Chapters are published one by one as blog posts, and readers can then subscribe to a blook with an RSS feed, tag it, comment on it, etc. Blooks were popularized by Tom Evslin in September 2005, with the launch of hackoff.com, a murder mystery set in the dot-com bubble. Blooks can include online material. For example, hackoff.com includes both a wiki and a faux company website for the fictional company described in the book. Other blooks available as of 9/29/05 include The Boy Who Heard Music by British rock star Peter Townshend, Madie's Bear Tribe Journals by Marsha Loftis, and Fiddle and Burn by Jason Pomerantz. Although these works fit the definition of blook, they don't currently describe themselves that way.
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According to the BBC, the first blooker shortlist will be published next March in order to celebrate this new literary form. One to watch out for perhaps? I don't know what Charles Dickens would have said... "What goes around comes around" perhaps?


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