Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The times, they are-a-changing...

I have been very busy but managed time for a spot of Sunday Dinner with my very good friends and neighbours this weekend. And I am very glad that I did because I learnt that a whole new world of teen-types are out there!!!!

OK, so we all know about chavs and Goths - but did you know about EMOs? and what about those teens who proclaim to have their 'own unique style'? Perhaps (I simply thought, forgetting about the travelability across time and space of all things teen), these are local Devonshire terms. So, I did some research.

At a local level, according to my source, an EMO is an emotional punk! One who wears black, has coloured bits in their hair and vibrant make up (kind of like Toyah). Why EMO? Shouldn't it be EMOP I asked. This met with a 'look'.

Next I jumped on the net and checked it out. Here's what I found first, and then this for a bit more info that is less image-driven.

Apparently EMO has been around for ages!

So... I have deduced that Arctic Monkeys must be EMO.... Cool or what.

Now as for 'own unique style'... this is harder to define. At a local level, apparently, it means that you belong to a group who are identifiable because you ALL have your own unique style. Try to argue about that with someone 26 years younger than yourself... You are DOOMED.

However, a quick search took me to a petite personal shopping service for all of us who carry a big instrument with us wherever we go (unable to identify the said instrument for sure and too tired for any more research). So, on a global level, things are looking up and I am off to buy one to make my legs look longer and thinner.

THEN I realised that, being unique, I typed in 'own individual style' instead of 'own unique style'. SO finally, I achieved the correct jargon and here's what I got. And here's the look of the minute! And I have a puffy jacket thank the lord (scroll down the blog for this)! But I don't think it makes me unique... so I am confused and off to buy a TUBA.


Blogger Mary Plain said...

Now is your chance to define you r own unique style for us all - I tag you with Dr Joolz's 4 things meme, visit the Bearpit to find out more!

9:23 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

I am liking the petite personal shopper thing.
As for Emos ... I had my informants a while back. If you are not an emo and you are under twenty, then you hate emos and think they are drippy and fake.

6:23 PM  

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