Friday, January 05, 2007

I am going away soon....

Who can guess where?

This is what I have done in preparation...
I have piled my clean clothes up in the living room.
I have acquired samples of face stuff from Brenda my beauty lady to save me taking the whole pot.
I have booked airline parking.
I have printed our boarding passes.
I have purchased money (not Euros) from M and S Bureau de change (commission-free).
I have selected a book to take that I will pretend to read.
I have downloaded money-off vouchers to spend in BAA duty free shopping.
I have charged the camera.
I have thought about creating a new playlist featuring the Fratellis.
I have cleaned out my handbag and taken out unnecessary library cards.
I have charged my mobile phone.
I have left written instructions about feeding the moggies with lovely teenage neighbour-carer.
I have given £5.00 to lovely neighbour-carer so she can put credit on her phone and txt me to update on moggy.
Blah Blah Blah.
Am I alone in enduring this ridiculous raft of preparatory behaviour?
Do we all do this?
Is it all really necessary?
It wasn't like this in the oldy days before technologology I bet!


Blogger Mary Plain said...

might the destination involve snow, by any chance?! just a random guess.. have a brilliant time and don't break anything. Show the UC who's best..

10:00 PM  

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