Thursday, March 01, 2007

Life in a time of bacofoil

Ok, so it is week three and we are being insulated ready for basting. Here you will see our slimline bacofoil. This is to create maximum headroom. Essential for the UC and me.

A pome for world read a lot day

Here is Steve

Steve works hard

See Steve work

Steve likes to drill.

See his drill

Brmmmmm Brmmmmm Brmmmmmm

Steve has a hammer

Steve hits hard

Bang! bang! bang!

Steve has a nail gun
Steve shoots hard
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Steve likes his hammer

Steve likes his drill
Steve likes his nail gun

Brmmmmm bang pop! brmmmmmm bang pop!

We like Steve

Steve works hard

Steve starts at 8am and stops at 5pm
Steve is marvellous
We like 5pm
We like wine
We drink wine
We drink lots
Glug glug glug!
We sleep tight
in the creaking house
that blows in the wind
We don't like wind


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have Steve, but I'VE FINALLY got a shower screen and shower that works - it's only been six months - hurragghhhhhh - from your lovely sister

9:57 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

hurragghhhhhhhh indeed. I dream of a shower.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

Advertising companies are still crying at the loss of Clare the poet.

2:25 PM  

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