Sunday, September 25, 2005

Baku-shan - and the need for more words

This weekend has been splendid.
First I read the Times on Saturday and learnt that despite our fabulous and ever-evolving English language being so varied and descriptive, we just don't have the words to cover every eventuality. For example, Baku-shan is a Japanese word that describes a woman who looks better from behind. This is not particularly well demonstrated by the image that I have uploaded from our super Sunday yomp, and I do hope that Di doesn't mind, but the idea is just great. It is so specific. We just seem to have highly-generalised terms like Minger and Munter and Moose (Thank you Martin for these helpful suggestions). Baku-shan however conjures the disappointment that we must all (male or female) have experienced when brought up short by a less than pleasing second impression. Personally, I know that I look better from the front. I look particularly horrific from behind, and have screamed often in Marks and Spencer's changing rooms when confronted with my rear view in one of those bizarre articulating mirrors.

Second, I spent some lovely time with my little friend Clare. Here she is, wireless on MSN, and talking about her online conversations to another friend, while watching Xfactor with me. Now... We have had the phrase 'Continuous Computing' for a while (yet more thanks to Mr Roush due here), but I don't think that these words really describe what was going on at 7.15pm with Clare in my living room. So, over to you dear blurkers. Any suggestions? What words can I use to describe this fabulous connectivity (if, indeed, this is fabulous connectivity - as I have to confess that I haven't got my head around this word yet, and wikipedia was no use!)?

Third, I am without bloggable words - because I can't load any more pictures!!!! AAARGHHHH. So will be back soon, when I can, as I want to show you my Dierdre and Gail impressions, and the magic woods that I visited today.


Blogger Dr. Rob said...

well,being a mere male, I can't come up with anything simply because the idea of multi-tasking is SO alien to us, I mean we would just find it impossible to MSN, hold a verbal conversation AND watch xfactor as well all at the same time, I can't see it in the picture but I bet there was a bottle of wine and a chilli dip also being utilised at the same time too, so like baku-shan, the word you are looking for probably needs to be gender specific, which is just too subtle for our language, perhaps the French have a word for it?

6:00 AM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

ooh lah lah Dr Rob. Wine - yes. Chili dip - not this Saturday - and I like the way that you turn MSN into a verb: to MSN. I do this too - but my little friend Clare doesn't. For her it is a noun only. She goes on MSN, but never MSNs! Another word is perhaps needed.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

baku-shan, well, there's an english word for that, at least when talking about females. Just say "butterface", which means something like "she looks great from behind, but-her-face..."

9:01 PM  

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