Friday, August 26, 2005

Bromwell High

I also promised to comment on BH last week - and then forgot. Prompted by my fine friend Helen's reminder, I am going to undertake a live blog posting at 11.20 tonight. Obviously, it may be a little more raw than my usual carefully crafted contributions - and possibly a rather exciting first for me... so tune in if you wish... 15 minutes and counting.

I am waiting with my battery still brim full for Bromwell High (lovely poetic tones). The trailer has just announced that it is going to be about the perfect prefect. Carefully positioned adverts to appeal to viewing audience of teachers and others in education are appearing, e.g. 'hip' music and films: Black-Eyed Peas and 'The forty year old virgin'. Nice touch advertising industry.

Here we go. Strong language warning, risque Nintendo DS 'touch me' trailer... and let it roll.
Bit with kids on bus: rubbish
Bit in staffroom: quite funny
Bit in RE classroom: very funny, very unpolitically correct - or politically incorrect (Chris Best - did you like it?)
Bit with headteacher: embarassingly appalingly written and not funny at all

City and Guilds
Horror film
Lacoste essential - the new fragrance for Men
Castlemaine XXXX
Road safety for teenagers
Horror film
Reality programme about staying in a 1950s style holiday camp

I always find it interesting to look at the bigger picture - and the surrounding adverts are so revealing dontyathink. So, what do we think about the perceived audience of BH? Possibly that they are too inebriated by 11.20pm to care? Anyway, I am boring myself now - but it has just started again, so i will give it one more minute.
No still bored, so am going to bed.

Have learnt a hard lesson: never promote new cartoon shows willy nilly without consulting my fine friend Helen, who knows about these things. I am with you on this one Helen!


Blogger Mary Plain said...

Now I don't feel so bad about yet again failing to stay awake long enough to watch Bromwell High! Thanks for acting as our viewing agent..

7:42 PM  
Anonymous bodnotbod said...

I had something to say about that blinkin' Lacoste ad.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm the designer of bromwell high, and just happened to come accross your blog. Sorry you didn't like it, though it think you're pretty spot on with your review. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you get a load of over paid producers together who know bugger all about animation.


3:11 AM  

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