Friday, August 26, 2005


I did promise (in vain) to get back to you about my engagement with 'Lost'. Well I have just watched episode 5 (all about Jack and his moody and just slightly alcoholic surgeon father) and am confident that I am hooked. I promise that I haven't read any of the episode descriptors for the forthcoming episodes - so I don't know if I am barking up the wrong gum tree... but I think that Mr Locke (my favourite from the start if you recall) is dead.
I also think that Kate is really annoying and I want to smack her on the head, and I think that Claire is fabulously brave - not at all concerned about her forthcoming labour, which MUST mean... that she is dead too. I think perhaps they are all dead except Jack and Kate who will procreate just in time to be rescued by a ship navigated by evil Penguins... sorry, that is Madagascar.

I am going to stick with it just to see if I am right.
BY THE WAY, what is the young blonde girl in short skirt using to keep her legs so hair free. Actually, don't tell me because I would have to add it to my personal budget.

Did spend a sombre minute today pondering what ER will be like without Carter. If you are getting it yet across the pond, perhaps you could let us know.


Blogger Joolz said...

OK have now watched two episodes because of you.
And I am hooked.
I fancy Jack and think that the guy who didn't used to be able to walk is a bit weird but prob OK.
I hate the pregnant one.
Chinese couple is sweet as is the JUnkie.

3:22 PM  

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