Monday, September 26, 2005

The Forest... The magic Forest and the power of Ohhhhhmmmmm

I went to yoga and ohhhhhmmmmd a bit (Thank you Dr Rob, Dr Joolz and Guy for your support during this crisis). It seemed to work - because... presto....Here we are in the magic forest. Isn't it wonderful. See the twisty turny oak trunks. Imagine stroking the mossy boulders. Feel the warmth of the dappled sunlight reaching into the green depths. I just love it here. It makes me feel like a little woodland troll.

It is actually called Black-a-tor Copse and is an area of national natural scientific wonderblah blah blah, because it is an ancient high altitude oak forest with lots of lovely lichens. You may be wondering when I developed this interest in greenery and shrubs: well - fickle-me-not ye of little faith (woodland troll-speak): I got 'D' for Botany A' level in 1985. So may I recommend that you find a high altitude oakland forest near you for a magical day out sometime.

In case you were wondering - Martin is adjusting his Rucksac buckle, and I am wearing my new climafit waterproof overtrousers and all-purpose headscarf.


Blogger Mary Plain said...

It was worth all the ohhhhmmmming. Sadly Lincolnshire is not rich in high altitude anything apart from sky. (Glad you explained about Martyn's buckle though, especially after the sheep incident a few weeks back.) (and I love the scarf.) Oh, I just have to share this word: iffyoupx, in a beautiful italic script. Maybe Blogger can find us all those extra words we need?

9:25 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

You have hit the nail on the head. Blogger can solve the vocabulary crisis. By the way, I have just had an eight letter verification code on your blog Mary Plain. Is this inflation?

9:38 PM  
Blogger Mary Plain said...

They are getting harder and harder. And twice tonight it has refused my first go and given me a new one. I have also had trouble with photos tonight..

10:13 PM  

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