Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Anti-valentine protest groupies... this one's for you

Thank you to all those who expressed interest and concern. AND Just for the record... Apparently it is quite fashionable to dis the valentine thing. Many people do it nowadays... mainly on the grounds that valentine's day is a ritualised fest of consumerism.
The ultimate consumer himself thought that I understood this. IN FACT he thought that we had agreed upon this. So you see, he didn't simply forget to buy me a card. He chose not to.


But because of the loving support from all you good guys out there from Bunnything to DigiGran, I have forgiven him, and normal life chez tiny folk is gradually being rebuilt... and I had to talk to him anyway because I can't go to sleep without saying goodnight.


Blogger Mary Plain said...

SimplyClare, they can learn and get better. In the early days some of my presents from the Motorcyclist included a presure cooker, a carving dish and an electric bacon slicer. Thirty-one years of practice and now I get poems.. so see this as a step to re-education for the Ultimate Consumer and just enjoy the cute bunny who has yet to visit my blog!

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love you Clare, Helen and Mick xxx

6:43 PM  
Blogger Digigran said...

Oh dear, It is so hard for them to read between the lines and see what we really want- as MP says they do get better, especially if you drop big hints and pretend to be grateful when they remember to send anything at all.
Glad you went to bed feeling OK- MY mum (a very wise old lady) used to say, 'Never let the sun go down on your anger'- but it is hard at times.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

I can remember when I was single and my kids were little I thought the whole world was yelling on about Valentine's to spite me.
Yet before that I never even noticed it happen.

I think it has become so much more of a thing in the last ten years ... so in a lot of ways I do think it is commercialised crap. But it is nice to take time out from cynicism occasionally and wallow in a bit of commercial romance.

12:13 PM  
Blogger texbrit said...

Dear Clare, Well as one of those who failed at valentines day I consider myself in the same category as one of those 'stupid men', I did not send a card for valentines either, Hazel in the US and me in the UK I plead for this being a better reason than if I had been interacting within the same living space. Not sending flowers either was a bad move it seems. Commercialization and exploitation inflated costs of sending flowers internationlly on that day were all considerations and thus my approach of leaving phone messages on a phone that no one would answer and also (in advance of the day , I must say...) sending a totally self created Powerpoint presentation just did not cut it. .. I guess you women just prefer the traditional flowers and the meal followed by cuddles and a loving smile. Oh well another lesson learned, but never as painful as when I got the birthday day wrong several years ago, by a day. Travel and time differences yet again being my desperate attempt for an excuse. I enjoy your blog. I manage a lot of photos on mine in an attempt to share where i've been with those that care. I maybe need to expand on my limited text I guess. My next challenge after trying to post this comment to you....David

12:16 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

You guys are such great commenters. Thank you!!!! I am going to reciprocate very soon, visit your blogs and cheer you all on. To his great credit, the UC is being a wonder-star at the moment and has more than redeemed himself. I am just thankful that he hasn't got a blog because he could really dish the dirt on me with all the relationship faux-pas that I continue to make!!

2:24 PM  

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