Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Loving that white stuff

Well I have recovered from my email faux pas sufficiently to spend a few moments reflecting on my week in Megeve. Here are some action shots taken by a rather charming photography chap. As you can see, I aim for a look of understated sophistication and style on the slopes. TPT I am not... although I agree with her views on Graham Bell.

Some thoughts:
What a completely shocking technique... but with a smile on my face...
This is significantly better. It is always good to have your skis going in the same direction in moguls... Ride 'em cowboy!

A little tentative here... some unusual pole action going on...
I am still absolutely loving my helmet. The Ali G Oakley goggles are very desirable, but not entirely flattering to the paler complexion.Still needing to sort out those arms... although they were tired from lifting the phenomenal amount of cash that it cost to buy a round of drinks in the Jazz bar.

Anyway, today the UC left for Grenoble and his jaunt into all things ski. I am home almost alone, with just r2d2 and c3po for company. r2d2 is suffering from having needles last week. Needles are pre-school booster injections in both arms. Not at all nice when your arms are little and the needles are big. Anyway, we are back to counting big sleeps. To keep me going, I am going to watch skins, madmen, er, america's next top model and more america's next top model. I love it. Am also trying to work out how to begin exercising again. I am going to research dance DVDs. Any recommendations?


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