Friday, August 19, 2005

blog burn out or let's go shopping?

Greetings screen viewers
I am encountering a new phenomenon. I don't know what to write anymore! I am worrying that all my simple thoughts are simply too simple. This may be for several reasons:
1. Blog burn out - I have also experienced this with Soduku recently
2. Complete withdrawal from nightly glass of rioja or merlot or chenin blanc or goldwasser Polish vodka and uptake of consistent exercise regime
3. A tension of a lunar variety
4. Perhaps I have reached a plateau upon which I will perch for some days before upping the anti some more? (Any ideas on what upping the anti entails - and feedback on spelling greatly appreciated)

Speaking as a runner and qualified RSA/YMCA exercise to music instructor (London Centrepoint 1993), I know about the plateau. You have to do something different to get off it. You can't just keep doing the same old thing. Now, if I was exercising to music, this might involve a little burst of star jumping at the end of a double-grapevine. If I was running, it might involve a bit of fartlek training.

Ultimately though, having experienced the plateau before, I know that only one thing will truly work.... RETAIL THERAPY CONNECTED TO BLOGGING. I want a new laptop of my very own. One that is simply 'ultra mobile perfection'.

Martin, I hope that you read this and forgive me for all the mean things that I have incited people to say about you. Please can we buy me a new laptop very soon?

By the way... Bromwell High begins tonight at 11.20. A must for those of us in education methinks - although be warned ye of frail dispositions: there is a chance that it may be a little cheeky!

By the by the way... Martin has just returned from Lakeland Plastic (his second favourite afternoon out after Snow and Rock) with a Mastrad meat baster and a Switch It dual-ended 650degree Fahrenheit heat and stain resistant long spatula.


Anonymous Ultimate Consumer said...

As this is my first official interaction with your blog -perhaps I should put a couple of things straight for the other screen viewers.
Firstly, my lurv of (furry) animals extends only to our two angelic Opticat Hoovers - farmyard beasts are not included. I am only a little disappointed that we never quite captured the golden shower you recieved from JJ's Holstein (that's a cow bloggers)- the highly technical North Face jacket I persuaded you to buy saved you that time!
Secondly, on the subject of new laptops - I had one of those once, but haven't been allowed near it since the blogster began her blog-fest - so the sooner the better - ya get me?!
And another thing......

oops - she's back from her incredibly short training run - better get off the 'pooter.

5:42 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

So it took you the full 3o minutes of my (very hot and windy 3.5 mile)run to compose this did it! Anyway, I am not sure that you should be telling people about JJs Holstein (cow)'s penchant for peeing on hoomans from great height!

Nice to have you on bloggin' board UC

5:57 PM  
Blogger Mary Plain said...

Hi ultimate consumer! Anyone Welsh is all right by me boyo. Waiting for the ethnicity forms to allow me to declare my 50% Welsh 50% Yorkshire true bear identity..
and Lakeland is one of my favourite places for gadgets..
Simply Clare, hang on in there and keep saying what you say as it is well to the jay bad reading your blog. I think it is upping the ante and I suspect a betting term. I remember ante-post bets from my summer job at Mecca bookmakers in Knightsbridge (there's posh!)

6:28 PM  
Blogger Mary Plain said...

PS Why no alcohol??!! any kind of training that requires such a sacrifice has to be very seriously assessed. Are you sure about this?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

I really am interested in UC's stain resistant long spatula. Can we know more?

12:32 PM  

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