Thursday, August 04, 2005

Epsom Youth Theatre Reunited - The Final Conflict

Now, Dr Joolz has raised an important point: just how lucky I am to have real friends (very true Dr Joolz, very true) to share my birthday with ... so I thought that I should point out that the friends who came for Paul's fiftieth and my not nearly fiftieth birthday are in fact friends from some 24 years ago, when we all (recent spouses excepted/ accepted too mainly!) belonged to that hotbed of thespian talent - Epsom Youth Theatre. Oh we were good. We were very, very good - and all I can say is that given the time and inclination, I would scan in some 'photographs' from the predigi era to share with you. Another time perhaps.

ANYWAY by Saturday evening, other EYT members had arrived to celebrate with us. Here are Sarah and Robert. Sarah has played many great parts in her time, including Anne Frank and a baby Kangaroo. I am not sure what or who Robert has played as he is an accepted spouse, but he sure does know his wine.

Steve and Jackie turned up too. Stephen's defining moment came as a waiter who couldn't say his 'Rs'. THAT was a weal show stopper. Jackie has many talents too. Even in a sling. Enough said.

Below, I shall recount the evening in as much digiglory as I have the courage too. It did involve singing, and acting, and speeches, and balloons, and abuse, and outrageous flirtation, oh and did I mention eating and drinking too much? - infact, all the things that we were learning to do some 24 years ago, which just shows that true inculcation cannot be deviated from no matter how grand you might become in the meantime.

Here we go then:

Yes. I am afraid that I did climb the cage that protected the wine cellar in a thong, wearing handcuffs - but HEY that's what you do with REAL friends.

Now, I could go on and recount the boat trip on Sunday or the curry on Sunday evening, or the actual walk on my actual birthday on Monday - but I just can't be bothered. It has taken a long time I know, but I have bored myself so BYE BYE BIRTHDAY for another year, and here's to 39!!!!!!! (Paul will be 51 and not worth inviting anymore).


Blogger Joolz said...

Am Dram!! Might have guessed.
I have successfully avoided Am dram all my life - even though brother is in The Biz and mother throws herself round on stages even to this day.

God help us all.

Please do enjoy 39 and I have to say I thought of you as lot younger than that .. must be all the pzazz in your life.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

Who is your brother please?

12:36 PM  
Blogger Mary Plain said...

And my only remaining-in-contact school friend does this am dram stuff too in Downham Market.. Mind you everyday at the bearpit is like that as we have Drama students! including some famous (ish) alumni including David Pugh who was behind The Play What I Wrote. I think he is what you might call an impresario.. he was in a stage production of Mary Poppins at college, we have the photographs..

be gentle with us 51-year-olds.. it is a scary age especaily for abear who has lost her waistline and has just eaten chocolate cheesecake for pudding.

4:55 PM  

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