Tuesday, August 09, 2005

and on Sunday they call us 'Heidi'

Well, here is some evidence of what we like to call "Rough camping". We walked 22 kms over "rough" Dartmoor carrying about a quarter of our bodyweight each. Our route began from Lydford and meandered to Fur Tor via Tavy Cleave on Saturday, and back via Great Links Tor on Sunday.

This photo shows the two Clares yomping through long snake-infested grass. Not in the photo are Martin and Lee. You will have to find my "Rough camping" on Dartmoor set to see them. Also absent are the rest of Clare's family - Di and Matthew. They are also stalwart "rough campers" and like nothing more than venturing onto the wilds of the Moor to endure Wayfarer boil in the bags and tic invasions. Unfortunately they couldn't join us this time... but we are already planning our next Dartmoor "rough camping" adventure, and they will be featuring. Watch this space.


Blogger Mary Plain said...

You can tell I am meant to be writing as here I am again finding alternative things to do like following all your links. I was a bit alarmed that both those tors seem to be in military occupation. Don't go standing on any mines now. And from the Wayfarer page you can get to the scarves and woggles online shop. Wow. I didn't know woggles came in so many colours.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

Thank goodness

There is a re-make of Heidi so you will be able to get more good ideas.

10:02 AM  

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