Wednesday, August 03, 2005


After several days of being very busy I am back in blogging business BUT I am going to have to be a little nostalgic for last Thursday before I tackle topics more current.

The morning after...

If like me you are aware of the ageing process, one thing you may definitely have noticed is a lesser ability to cope with the ravages of a good night out. This is how it is for me nowadays:
1. Drink too much (wine usually)
2. Forget to drink two pints of water, a cup of peppermint tea, and take an alkaseltzer (for ALL your needs)
3. Fall asleep without removing makeup
4. Wake up at 3.00am panicking that I am dehydrated and with face stuck to pillow
5. Peel face from pillow and drink 4 glasses of tap water from the bathroom
6. Wake up at 4.00am for the loo
7. Wake up at 5.00am with feelings of paranoia
8. Drink 4 more glasses of tap water
9. Wake up at 5.45am for the loo etc.
All in all so hellish that one wonders why one does it (every time)


Don't drink nasty old wine anymore... drink Goldwasser - a vodka from Poland with pieces of pure gold floating in it. It tastes medicinal to begin with (like listerine) and even after 5 and a glass of champagne - leaves you feeling marvellous!!!!

Go on... try it and feedback here please.


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