Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My birthday weekend

It was my birthday this weekend and many lovely friends came to Devon to share it, including Paul who also had his birthday. He was 5o!!!!!

Here's what happened:

First, Marty cut the grass.

Then Helen and Mick turned up in their posh car, bearing salad.

Helen was my bridesmaid. A long long time ago.

Paul and Laura, Helen and Mick arrived in the evening with plenty of real champagne. Then, following real champagne, we had some Jamie Oliver Kinda Spag Bol.

Dr Joolz, MaryPlain, please note the gadgets including Kenwood Mini chopper used to whiz up sun-dried tomatoes (no tomatoe puree for us), Russell Hobbs coffee bean grinder, Vev Vigano Espresso maker, Le Creuset Casserole (not a gadget - but I like it), and of course... the Smeg dual oven thing. All pur-chased by the ultimate consumer himself. Note also the bare plaster and fat splashes for we cannot afford to decorate as well as buy gadgets.

Here we are enjoying aforesaid Spag Bol and olive bread.

Please particularly note the olive bread made breadmaker - which is not a white elephant in our house.

Please also note hint of bare plaster (far left)where wall fell down when the ultimate consumer tried to self-install the ultimate cooking machine

And here is Paul. He is fifty.

After that, I am afraid that the evening became silly - and only 7 of us had gathered, for this was merely Friday evening, and the best was yet to come.

We finished the evening by mediating our lived experiences and contributing to the creation of our meworlds (and usworlds I think Thomas De Z.)

Can you guess which of the above
a) used to work on HMS blah blah blah?
b) is frequently stopped by customs officials?
c) is of Welsh stock?

Anyway. That is the end of Friday. Saturday will follow soon.


Blogger Mary Plain said...

Looking forward to Saturday! And happy birthday for last week.

An impressive set of gadgets indeed. I think Le Creuset counts as a gadget myself. I have added a Mexican gadget to my blog now..

and your quiz is too hard for me! Is no. 3 of Welsh stock?!

8:11 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

I have read all about your Mexican gadget - and am glad that it looks Mexican as well as acts Mexican.

Anyway, your powers of perception are amazing. You have correctly deduced that number 3 - the ultimate consumer, and my very own beloved, is indeed of Welsh stock. A "Fablas" deduction as they say in the Valleys. How did you guess?

9:50 PM  
Blogger Joolz said...

Oh MP beat me . I was going to say number 3 too!! It is because he looks the most glowing of complexion.
Kitchen gadgets are very good; I like the sound of olive bread.
My brother was fifty on 9th July and my sis blogged about it here.
He does a lot of yoga.

I am very impressed you have real friends SimplyClare. I do not have such things and envy those who do.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Simply Clare said...

I wonder what makes a 'real friend'? Mine that are featured here come from many, many years ago - adolescent years actually, which is perhaps significant. When you have shared adolescent experiences through belonging to Epsom Youth Theatre, (and these experiences involved singing as well as acting) I guess you are bonded for life!

But I hope that some of my newer friends are real friends too - and am therefore sure that you must have some somewhere - just look at your blog: it is THE place to hang out Dr Popularity.

But, a question: Is there a way of finding out who our real friends are?
Suggestions please

3:50 PM  

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