Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Birthday weekend part 2

So here we are on Saturday morning, sitting on Dartmoor at Grimspound an ancient Bronze age settlement. We believe that this ancient relic was an early hot tub - or perhaps jacuzzi - used primarily for staving off aches and pains having done a bit of wolf hunting and bronze implement making.

Here we are on Hookney Tor. Dartmoor is famous for its granite tors.

Did you know that while our digital world is becoming incresingly aggregated, these granite microcosms are suffering from disaggregation! And I didn't learn that on my geography field trip to Slapton 20 years ago!

Now, believe it or not, I am a fairly seasoned Dartmoor visitor, and so feel qualified to advise that the people in these photographs are not quite adequately equipped for venturing on to the high moor. If you are going to try this, please bring a GPS (Martin of course has one), a packed lunch, and a blanket to sit on. To ensure that we didn't put ourselves in undue risk we also had an Audi A4 at the bottom of the hill - just to be really safe.

I LOVE this photo - except if you look really closely, you can see evidence of my mouth not having completely deswelled since the incident reported several weekends ago. By the way, those laughter lines on my forehead, I didn't have any until I began teaching.

So... after all our healthy exploits, we returned home to prepare for the arrival of the rest of the gang who were staying at the Hotel Barcelona. More to follow...


Blogger Joolz said...

You look bloody ravishing SimplyClare.
It is very impressive you went walking on your birthday.

2:00 PM  

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