Monday, October 03, 2005

I want to live in Tenesseee

Tonight I have been to Bloga. It started at 7.00 and went on to 8.30pm. It involved: paying £5.00; sitting on my special non-slip mat in a school hall; deep breathing through one nostril; pranayamamama, trikonasanananananaaaa; a candle and incense stick and emptying my mind of everything EXCEPT WHAT TO WRITE ON MY BLOG TONIGHT.

Anyway, Bloga, as a new activity was quite fun. For the first time today, I focused on just the one thing - and instead of the normal frenetic activity that goes on in the upstairs room when the lights are on chez moi, a kind of peace was achieved. Partly this was because I couldn't hear the yoga teacher's instructions. You see, I am deaf at the moment following an almost- cold that morphed into left ear deafness instead. Apparently, if I just wait a month, it is likely to subside and I will hear again. If not, I will be referred for an Audiogram. In precisely 17 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours time. Sorry - did I mention my cynicism about NHS waiting list targets (Don't get the Ultimate Consumer going on those!)

Anyway, while at Bloga, I decided not to tell you about meeting the Mummy and Mummy of the Dark Destroyer, but instead to tell you about my Bloga experience. So I came home and looked at my blog - and panicked because the 'Well Hello Diva Kitty' post makes NO sense whatsoever (except to me and perhaps Diva Kitty), so I have decided to clarify WHAT is going on.

Things to do with pets - that's WHAT. You can blame Guy.
You may be wondering why I am rambling on in this uncharacteristic fashion? Well, everything comes to those who wait... In Tennesseeeeeee, the folks they are so cool that they have Doga classes for dogs and owners together.

Check it out HERE. It sounds kinda groovy don't it (that's my Tennesseeeee drawl). So that is why I want to live in Tennesseeeee. It sounds simply wonerful.

Anyway, as we said at the end of Bloga tonight

"Have a nice day"


Blogger Dr. Rob said...

Simply Clare excuse me while I vomit in disgust, what will those dratted Yanks think of next (although I am not sure is Tenesseeians are actually Yanks!)

You don't want to live there, you have to eat fast food, propogate a large bottom, marry your cousin (or brother if you have one) and play the banjo.

Don't even get me started on Doga!

Now I know why we persecuted these people in the 16th Century for their wacko ideas, good thing we shipped them off to the colonies.

By the way the secret word 'hakrvzv' seems to by scyncronous (is that a word) with your blog about having a cold, Hakrvzv! - Bless you!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Clare said...

Thank you for your blessing Dr Rob. I am impressed that you have any vomit left after your experience lavatorial.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Dr. Rob said...

And it was a proper blessing too as I am an officially ordained minister of an American Online Church, my child.

8:54 AM  

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