Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello...5.30 pm today... Please can I have an appointment with a Doctor tomorrow?

R: No, I am sorry, there are only emergency appointments now for tomorrow.

SC: I am sorry to be persistent, but I would really like to see a Dr before the weekend.

R: Well, can I suggest that you phone at 8.30 am tomorrow to book an emergency appointment?

SC: No you can't.

R: Pardon?
SC: No, you can't suggest that I phone at 8.30am.

R: Well I am sorry but we can't book any appointments now until lines open at 8.30.

SC: I have two children under 5 and need to plan for tomorrow. I have tried to book an appointment five times today, since this morning, and have been cut off while holding four times. I have had what I think is a chest infection for eleven days and would like to see a Dr before the weekend please.

R: Well we aren't allowed to give away emergency appointments.

SC: Would it be possible to speak to a Dr to see if they can help me over the phone?

R: Oh yes, well alright. (request for name telephone no. etc). I will ask the duty Dr to phone you tomorrow.

SC: I wondered if there might be a Dr available to speak to this evening?

R: Oh, yes, ermmm.. ok. I will ask our locum to phone you.

SC: Thank you.

30 minutes later... ring ring....

Formalities then

SC: Hello, thank you for phoning... I have had a horrid cough for eleven days and blah blah blah

Dr: Ok, I can't rule out a chest infection from what you have told me, I am afraid. Could you possibly pop in tomorrow to see one of us?

SC: I think I will be able to do that, yes. (Slight sarcasm in voice - trying desperately hard to hide it though)

Dr: Do you mind holding on while I make you an appointment?

SC: No that will be fine.

Dr: Could you come in at 10.30 tomorrow please to see Dr Blah Blah.

SC. Thank you. That will be great. See you tomorrow.

I ASK YOU!!!! A poor knackered locum gp making appointments for a pain-in-the-backside patient (client probably) at 6.00pm because the system is so ridiculously inflexible that the receptionist is powerless to make any suggestions or even be helpful. I can be pretty forceful and usually manage to achieve what I need to happen, but what about less strident patients (clients). How on earth can this be a workable system?

I told the UC. then I told you. Now I feel better.

Here is a happy snowy shot:


Blogger DrJoolz said...

oh gosh. The best thing about this post is the photo. And I have tears in my eyes looking at the loveliness.
The three boys. They will all be ultimate consumers soon.

9:01 PM  

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