Sunday, April 06, 2008

Way back in August 2005...

I posted about Lemon Surprise pudding. Today I returned to that post, prompted by a memory of a very helpful comment that I hadn't responded to... and when I got there, MY oh MY!!!! What a surprise I had. There were 14 comments from all over the LSP-making world! In fact, there was a whole kind of conversation thing going on about unpleasant egg and custard experiences. So it appears that if you search for LSP, you find this series of comments. I feel so proud - and just a little responsible for moving the discussion on - even though I didn't actually know about it. I will sleep happy tonight... I might even give it another go. However, today I have another culinary problem. I have made two Victoria sponges that turned out like biscuits. They always do when I make them. I have tried Nigella and Mary Berry. Is it because I do them in the food processor dyathink? Tomorrow we will eat them anyway, because there is a little birthday going on here. Cool!

Changing the subject... it snowed here today. Snow without skis. Bummer. However, it was very wierd snow. Kind of like polystyrene. It squeaked when you made a snowball. Also, in the middle of the sudden snowstorm, there was a tremendous clap of thunder. Most bizarre. This afternoon the sun shined (shone?) and we went swimming. Then it snowed again. What a funny old day.


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