Friday, March 28, 2008

What's hot and what's not!

Have you seen this Goldfrapp video? I am loving it. Kind of a cross between the Dad's Army credits, the Wicker man and Rupert Bear's worst nightmare in the woods with that scary tree man 'sticky' (I think - or did I dream up 'sticky'? Anything seems possible these days).
Ahhh bear with me... I have found the stick man - he was called Raggerty apparently. I was terrified of him way back then. Here he is now. Quite cute actually... what's not to like? Funny how time changes everything.

In terms of the screen of fabulousness, I am also still loving Skins, ER and America's next top model. New to me - and recommended by my mum is Gavin and Stacey. I was a bit sniffy for some reason, but became hooked instantly. I also have to admit being tempted back to Walford to check out Rikki and Bianca's return next week - although I haven't actually watched Eastenders since the 1980s. Finally, joy to us all, Sir Alan is back on a Thursday night. In Exeter, we do like to make a special occasion of every episode, particularly as last year's runner-up (the delightful Katie) lives just around the corner. A special occasion these days involves opening wine that is not from Lidl with our lovely friends Barbarabara the poetess and her smashing husband Julian. in front of the telly. Classy I know.
Today I have been to Bristol. I looked at shoes in shoe shops and am very worried that they are really not for me this year. The only polite way to describe them is as prostitute platforms. Here is an example:I am only 5 feet 2 and cannot possibly wear such things. Not because I can't balance - it is more a question of proportion you see. What am I going to do? Advice please.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've been on my site meter...

and it appears that I have an audience again. Welcome to you one and all. I hope that you are enjoying the view. It is Easter Sunday - and what a different sort of Easter Sunday it has been. We were in the garden at 6.40 am looking for the Easter bunny's eggs - and of course we found plenty, because the Easter Bunny had managed to make it outside at 6.15 am. I am not the Easter Bunny by the way. That is now officially the UCs job. Actually, it turns out that the UC has a lot of jobs. I realised this when he was away for the week. During this time I had to ask my neighbour to change the bathroom and kitchen lightbulbs; my mum had to come and do he ironing; Richard had to nail the sofa back together; and the compost bin in the kitchen remained empty (I didn't dare to fill it) because I can't empty it into the big compost bin because the wriggly worms that are screaming ESCAPE every time you open the lid TERRIFY me really badly. I am not scared of many things, but writhing masses of wriggly worms trying to beat you out of the compost bin are the absolute limit.

I also had to clean the dishwashing machine thing's filter and change the cat litter tray... and feed the cats and make my own tea in the morning. SO I am beginning to understand about men's jobs now - and to be frank men, you can keep them. My jobs are much nicer - and more challenging. Drying my hair for example - that's a job that I have to do every morning. Moisturising - that takes time, and is essential. Putting in my contact lenses... keeping in touch with friends on the telephone... these are just a few of the jobs I do on a daily basis. We are just all so busy aren't we, and as I am now in a new decade, I guess that the jobs of self-maintenance and communication will only multiply.

Anyway, the only antidote to all these jobs is to take a skiing holiday so it turns out. On a skiing holiday there seems to be less jobs to do. Having less jobs to do means that you can relax more. Here are some chums relaxing:The chum on the left is actually my wonderful B-I-Law. We call him John Wayne. He is terribly fast on skis, but only when wearing a helmet. Work out why and you will win a prize. The chum in the middle is nervous about his digital footprint, so he shall remain nameless. As you can see, he enjoys skiing for all the right reasons. Rachel is on the right. She doesn't know about my blog, and I hope doesn't mind being featured here. Here am I relaxing from jobs. As you can see, hair is of no concern whatsoever - although moisturising remains a daily chore.

Anyway... time to end. Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Loving that white stuff

Well I have recovered from my email faux pas sufficiently to spend a few moments reflecting on my week in Megeve. Here are some action shots taken by a rather charming photography chap. As you can see, I aim for a look of understated sophistication and style on the slopes. TPT I am not... although I agree with her views on Graham Bell.

Some thoughts:
What a completely shocking technique... but with a smile on my face...
This is significantly better. It is always good to have your skis going in the same direction in moguls... Ride 'em cowboy!

A little tentative here... some unusual pole action going on...
I am still absolutely loving my helmet. The Ali G Oakley goggles are very desirable, but not entirely flattering to the paler complexion.Still needing to sort out those arms... although they were tired from lifting the phenomenal amount of cash that it cost to buy a round of drinks in the Jazz bar.

Anyway, today the UC left for Grenoble and his jaunt into all things ski. I am home almost alone, with just r2d2 and c3po for company. r2d2 is suffering from having needles last week. Needles are pre-school booster injections in both arms. Not at all nice when your arms are little and the needles are big. Anyway, we are back to counting big sleeps. To keep me going, I am going to watch skins, madmen, er, america's next top model and more america's next top model. I love it. Am also trying to work out how to begin exercising again. I am going to research dance DVDs. Any recommendations?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh my goodness... HELP!!!!

I have sent an entirely inappropriate email to the wrong person tonight. The flush of adrenalin as I saw it go and realised what I had done was fairly intense.... Anyway, the person it wrongly winged its way to does not work fridays, so PLEASE tell me how to recall it!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME NOW. I am relying on you being out there.

Anyway, have decided that our boys resemble two famous robots. If you have met them, you will know what I mean.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back in one piece

Had an absolutely fab time in Megeve. Relived many moments from my 20s - including dancing like a phantom in a variety of spots until the wee hours, which is apparently the only way to do it in Megeve, and ice skating Torville and Dean style (no skates required). No photos to share yet as didn't take a camera. Skiing was cool - except I have forfeited speed for style. Never mind - who can have too much of that! Struggling to leave this post without a shot of something, so have included my inspirations.