Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It was the garage door...

... and I am sorry to say that I am now ten percent less handy than I was - but at least I didn't need an operation, which I was threatened with. Well done guessers - and thanks for the interest... I don't really deserve it!

Anyway... what do you all do on hallowe'en? I have previously done nothing... but this year I have really pushed the boat out. I have purchased two pumpkins and two masks from Tesco (13p each!) and hallowe'en tinsel and a hallowe'en treat bag. What I need help with is how to do the carving and hollowing business - especially as I am now ten percent less handy than I was.

Vic and Brook terrified me one year by explaining that their pumpkin was based on Ozzy Osbourne. I had no idea that this much thought and design was required. So my questions for this week are:

How do you carve a pumpkin and;

What will yours look like?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I am thinking about returning

Nearly six months since my last post... and I have been a little busy. However, I am beginning to feel that I need to re-awaken my dulled digital tendencies. Not quite sure what to write about though, so this will have to do for now.
Oh! some news that I can share is that I have turned 40... and I quite like it. And I have lost half a stone and I definitely like that. And I have started going to bed at 10pm and waking at 5.45am which I haven't done since I had a paper round in the 1970s. I haven't got a paper-round though because papers are so much heavier than in the old days with all those supplements and advertising pamphlets. Mind you, a paper round, with all its weight-bearing elements might keep nasty osteoporosis at bay, which I am obviously much more likely to get now that I am in my 41st year.
Did you know that I broke my fifth metacarpel in three places recently? That wasn't due to osteoporosis I can tell you. Would you like to guess how I did it? Was it by...
a) beating a Nigella cake mix too hard with a new and unforgiving wooden spoon
b) banging the side of my hand on the table in triumph when I eventually finished writing a chapter
c) thrashing the garage door-frame by accident as I tried to throw a plastic bag containing some small personal items at the ultimate consumer who had called me disorganised?

I will let you decide