Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Did you tune in?

Isn't TV fab at the moment. Here are my current favourites:


Sunday, February 19, 2006

The happy couple: January 11th 2006

Check out those new skis!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Anti-valentine protest groupies... this one's for you

Thank you to all those who expressed interest and concern. AND Just for the record... Apparently it is quite fashionable to dis the valentine thing. Many people do it nowadays... mainly on the grounds that valentine's day is a ritualised fest of consumerism.
The ultimate consumer himself thought that I understood this. IN FACT he thought that we had agreed upon this. So you see, he didn't simply forget to buy me a card. He chose not to.


But because of the loving support from all you good guys out there from Bunnything to DigiGran, I have forgiven him, and normal life chez tiny folk is gradually being rebuilt... and I had to talk to him anyway because I can't go to sleep without saying goodnight.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Here's looking forward to February 15th

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Four things meme - a little late - but better than never

Oh my goodness I am simply naff!

4 places I have lived
Exeter - this is where I go running

Silverton - this is where James Hewitt crashed his car!

Epsom - I used to get out of school early to go to the Derby with all the toffs

Watford - I had a lovely time at Watford College, but I didn't meet Elton.

4 Jobs I’ve Had
Aerobics instructor
Senior(!) advertising sales executive at House Beautiful
Media planner buyer

4 Favourite Movies
It's a Wonderful Life - I just love it. With sherry of course

The Blues Brothers - a most funny film

The Life of Brian - another real favourite

Amelie - so sweet

4 Favourite TV Shows
It ain't half hot Mum (not truly - but it is sOOOO well to the jay bad that I love it)
Desperate Housewives

4 Favourite CDs
Ray of Light - Madonna
Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits
Elvis' greatest Hits
Dolly Gold - Dolly Parton

4 Places I Have Been on Holiday
Megeve, French Alps
Banff, Alberta
Porthcurno, Cornwall
Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle

4 Things I Love to Do
Ski anywhere (particularly on my new Dynastar Skis)
Walk, run, and camp on Dartmoor
Drink really good wine and eat really good food with really good friends
Talk on the phone

4 Favourite Books
Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood
The Five people You Meet in heaven
Where the Wild things are
The Handbook of qualitative research (second edition) (ok, I am joking at this point)

4 Websites I Visit Daily
University of Plymouth intranet
Google home page
Simply Clare's Simple Thoughts

4 Bloggers to Tag with this Meme
I don't know what tagging is? Can I tag people that have already been tagged in a what goes around comes around kind of way?
If so
Mary Plain
Dr Rob
Dr Joolz
I retag you ALL because you continue to visit me even though I am a crap blogger with disappearing tendencies. Thank you!