Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Seems like I've got something to say

Actually a couple of things. First... I am so pleased not to have been scrubbed from other people's blog rolls. You are all too kind. It would be quite a harsh thing to do I suppose - and to be honest, I haven't checked everyone's - so if you have scrubbed me, I understand, but would appreciate being reinstated in case I do check as I am very sensitive.

Second... I am still thinking about Victoria's embedded digital technologies and civic participation papers, and was caught by this fact yesterday. Only 14% of people turn off their mobile when they have a bonk. This is truly embedded behaviour.

Third... We have an external examiner who doesn't like it when students list points using 'first... second... third'. I have heard someone else comment that it is grammatically incorrect to use 'firstly... secondly....'. Personally I like listing things in this way. Can anyone explain what is wrong please.

Fourthly... I am going summer skiing to a glacier in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in ten days. Whooohayyyyy.